Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation tDCS

Is a simple, non-invasive technique for brain stimulation that induces prolonged functional changes in the cerebral cortex

tDCS essentially consists in delivering for a few minutes a weak direct current (below the perceptual threshold) over the scalp: the resulting constant electric field penetrates the skull and influences neuronal function. It is has been recognized as an effective adjuvant for treatment of several diseases such as:

ie. Depression, anxiety, anorexia, craving

ie.  Parkinson, Alzheimer, Tourette, dystonia, stroke

ie. Deception processes, moral choices, attention

Home Therapy, made safe and easy

Specifically designed for both research and clinical use, is a cost-effective modular system for tDCS also for the use at home.

First tDCS home device stimulator since 2009
Totally safe
Easy to Use
Handmade in Italy

The programmer ensures that applications or treatments are administered correctly every time; the researcher or clinician using the HDCkit remains in complete control of how stimulations are administered.

The stimulator (HDCstim) and the programmer (HDCprog) are two separate units.

Worldwide Presence & Distribution

Newronika tDCS HDCStim devices are present worldwide in 38 countries, istitutions worldwide have chosen our system for research and clinical use

38 Countries
52 Universities
43 Public Hospitals

70 Private Center and Hospitals
Private Patients Use It Home

Currently we export our products in countries all over the world. Over the years we have built a network of distributors and partners worldwide to support our customers locally.

For those countries we do not currently serve or for questions relating to international distributors, please email us.


Read the complete list of publications and scientific references.

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